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Birth: Rosabelle Ann Doan-Casale

August 17, 2014
The Paper's own Roots and Shoots columnist Pamela Doan (and husband Michael Casale) recently welcomed their own new sprout. Rosabelle Ann Doan-Casale, 8.5 pounds and 21.5 inches long, was born Monday, July 28.

The Paper’s own Roots and Shoots columnist Pamela Doan (and husband Michael Casale) recently welcomed their own new sprout. Rosabelle Ann Doan-Casale, 8.5 pounds and 21.5 inches long, was born Monday, July 28.

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One Response to Birth: Rosabelle Ann Doan-Casale

  1. Sarah Steele Reply

    August 17, 2014 at 9:11 am

    Welcome to the world Rosabelle!

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